Review on mumble rap artist Playboi Carti’s self titled album “Playboi Carti”

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One artist that made his claim to fame as being a top mumble rap artist is rapper Playboi Carti. Carti started the year off with his hit single Magnolia, which has over 30 million views on Youtube and has 50 million streams on SoundCloud. In early April of 2017 Carti released his debut self titled album Playboi Carti. For an artist that is not signed to a major label, the album did fairly well selling 28,051 units in its first week. Based off album sales, content and overall creativity concepts I would consider Playboi Carti an album worth giving a listen too. Regardless of popularity, the albums creative content and unique sound from song to song I would recommend listening to it.

The album starts off with the track Location ( This song was a good way to start the album with, the  slow deep melodic sound is an unusual sound for a mumble rapper, but Carti carries out his normal mumble rap flow. The next track Magnolia, was considered by many his breakout hit. This track has a very catchy hook and an upbeat instrumental. One of the keys to this song being so successful was the milly rock dance that Carti talks about in the song. The next song on the album Lookin features Lil Uzi Vert, a very well known mumble rap artist. The two combined on this track to make  the ultimate mumble rap song. Up next is the song Wokeuplikethis* also featuring Lil Uzi Vert. This song is very upbeat and considered a top song on the album. The two working together makes an interesting melodic sound. In this song Carti discusses people copying his style in music, a common problem amongst mumble rappers.

The next track Let it go was one of the lower quality songs off of the album. In my opinion this song does not contain any content worth listening to, and the instrumental seems to be off beat to Cartis lyrics. The following song Half & Half isn’t much better and also is very repetitive. The instrumental he choses is catchy but again his lyrics are poor. The next track New Choppa revives the album from the two past songs. It features Asap Rocky which is a good change in sound to break up some of Carti’s repetitiveness. Track eight is called Other S**t and Carti talks about how he is unique and different from his peer artist. Song nine is called No. 9. This track is one of the more creative off the album with a high tempo vibe. The next track Dothatsh*t! would have to be one of my favorites off the album. The sound has good quality mumble rap. The following track Lame N****z also didn’t disappoint, it’s a good song to listen to especially with friends.
In the track Yah Mean Carti references the famous basketball player Yao Ming. This song is a change of pace to the album with it being a slower song. The next song Flex featuring Leven Kali is very unique to mumble rap with the singer adding his touch to the end of it. This song is also one of my favorites off of the album. The track Kelly K picks the album’s tempo back up, with a southern trap instrumental and a refreshing sound. Lastly Had 2 finishes the album off. I think Carti could have picked a better outro. This song was a very low quality and should have been rearranged toward the center of the album.Overall the album was a good mumble rap album. Once again I would say the top mumble rap albums of the year and worth giving a listen too.

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Did mumble rap ruin the authenticity of hip hop?


The main controversy that surrounds mumble rap is how it has evolved hip hop, and the effect it has had on the genre in the recent years. Many question if mumble rap ruined the authenticity of the genre. The reason why is because the style that mumble rappers use requires less lyricism than rappers have used in the past. In hip hop the term lyricism is used to describe how creative and meaningful lyrics are. In the past few years the number of “lyrical” artist has actually decreased with a rise of artist fitting into the mumble rap category. Lyrical vs. mumble rap is lyrical artist such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Compared to artist like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump or Young Thug. The music created by lyrical artist and mumble rap artist is different in that lyrical artist music is more creative and the concept and themes are different. Since 2015 the popular sound of hip hop actually became mumble rap with several chart topping artist including Lil Yachty, Desiignher, and Young Thug.

Some of the pioneers of hip hop, such as Jay Z, and groups like Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan, don’t approve of the sound of mumble rap. (Artist Prodigy of Mobb Deep discuss mumble rap . They have claim the newer generation of artist don’t represent the true sound of hip hop. Well established artist Wiz Khalifa first used the term “mumble rap” in an interview stating “We call it mumble rap”, and then goes on to state “It ain’t no disrespect to the lil homies, but they don’t want to rap”(Wiz Khalifa discusses mumble rap Other artist have stated similar things criticizing the lack of lyricism in mumble rap.


With so much success in mumble rap and the progression into hip hop becoming one of the leading genres in music, one begins to question if mumble rap helped establish hip hop as one of the leading genres in music, instead of it having a negative effect on the genre. While older generations of hip hop may not approve of the new sound and the lack of lyricism, the newer generation seems to have taken hold of mumble rap and changed what we call hip hop. The rise of mumble rap and the newer generation of artist brought a new fan base and an even bigger following in the hip hop community.

As a fan of hip hop I believe the genre evolved into the popular sound that we now call mumble rap. Despite the lack of lyricism the new sound is enjoyable and interesting. The original sound of hip hop may not be the same, but the authenticity of the genre is still there. Mumble rap has ultimately attributed to hip hops new success and will continue to bring a larger fan base to the hip hop community.



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If mumble rap is so big in hip hop, what artist should I listen to? Lil Yachty is worth listening too


So if mumble rap is so big in the hip hop culture at the moment, who are the best artist? Who should I look out for? What albums should I listen too? With so many artist taking a similar approach to this new style of music, many wonder what is considered the best of it, and also what is worth listening too. If one were to check the top selling artist list on charts such as the billboard top 100 or the Itunes charts for hip hop they would see artist such as Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi carti, ect. There are also interesting mumble rap artist that may not even be on the top selling charts. These artist usually have a following on streaming websites such as Soundcloud or Spotify.

One artist specifically that has made a name for himself as a mumble rapper and is considered one of the best mumble rap artist is rapper Lil Yachty. Yachty made a name for himself in late 2015 with his hit singles One Night and Minnesota which appeared on his mixtape Lil Boat. In 2016 he was featured on the front of the XXL Freshman cover. This magazine depicts the best upcoming hip hop artist to look out for, for the upcoming year. He has appeared in TV commercial ads with Sprite, and also modeled for artist like Kanye West. He has worked with musicians such as Chance the Rapper, D.R.A.M, Kyle, and fellow label mates Migos.

One of the reasons I encourage one to listen is to Lil Yachty is because he serves as a voice of the youth through music. His music content always gives positive support and advice to the youth. With him only being twenty years old he also serves as a representation of music for this generation. One of the things Yachty prides his music on is positivity, fun, and relaxed vibes. Even if the subject of the music isn’t necessarily positive, the feel of the music is always free and provokes positive emotions. For example in one of Yachty’s top songs Forever Young, he states ” I love to go out of my way to make sure you stay happy, We forever young”. Unlike most mumble rap artist Yachty’s music contains quality content and subject that can be consumed by listeners while still having the classic melodic flow that mumble rap has. Yachty is one of the top mumble rap artist because he as an artist willing to work with bigger artist in the mainstream and while still  maintaining the ability to keep his same style of music. From his music to the work outside of his music, he is worth giving some attention to.


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Mumble Rap, What the H*ll is it?


Many consider mumble rap a subgenre of hip hop, just like there is in rock and roll. For example there is punk rock, hard rock, classic rock, etc. Mumble rap is a way to describe a melody driven hip hop sound, that was inspired by 808 trap instrumentals and southern hip hop flows. The concept of mumble rap, which includes southern trap style flow, and a melodic technique has been around for a while in the hiphop genre.

Hip hop artist such as Future, Gucci Mane, and Juicy J were some of the earlier artist to play around with the mumble rap concepts. Recently a newer generation of artists were criticized for being less lyrical than previous artists in hiphop. Other artist described this new group of artist music as a mumbling sound and melodically putting together words. This is where the term “mumble” rapper stems from. In the last couple of years the newer artist in hip hop have all taken on the objective to be mumble rap artist and have used similar techniques with their own style.


Artist such as Young Thug , Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty are considered the leaders of mumble rap. Their success at making this type of music was really inspired by the youth. Artist Lil Uzi Vert once stated “I make music for people that are 25 and under”. He and other artists describe their content as fun music or feel good music for people to enjoy.

The talent and work ethic of young producers has also attributed to mumble raps success. One of the reasons producers are so detrimental to the success of mumble rap is because the instrumental takes on such a large role in mumble rap music. Artist use the instrumental to add their melody and technique. With the success of mumble rap, a new group of producers arose in the industry and they continue to push the mumble rap sound.

In the past few years mumble rap has really became a success and has essentially taken over the sound of hiphop. It is an interesting sound new to music with older concepts that have been established again.

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